Monday, December 15, 2008

Settling Down Syndrome

I wrote this blog last year around this time. It is amazing how a year can change your mind, change your heart, change your dreams, your hopes, your desires and needs. I wrote this last year and I say give it a read. Because now, I can say I have SDS. I have the desire but waiting for the affliction to take over me and I can find me someone also infected with SDS. There is no cure. There is no desire for a cure. SDS is not bad as I thought.

Read below into my past. An angel found me months after I wrote this a changed my vision. For that I thank her. My heart now bleeds of passion it once forgot.

- Settling-Down Syndrome -

Over the past few months I have encountered this epidemic I would like to call SDS (Settling-Down Syndrome Phenomenon). SDS seems to particularly afflict those within the ages of 21 - 26. Seems those with this affliction have this unforeseen need to fulfill. Whether it be because of some impending doom factor that they are not tied to another person for the remainder of their natural life, biological clocks are ticking, the "I need to grow up" thoughts, or just plain fear that they may have to go through life with out a special significant other.

As look out at these SSPers in my life, though I am genuinely happy about their new found purpose in life, I just can't understand what the rush is for. What is driving this phenomenon? Here I stand at 25 years of age with no desire to ever become infected and take the SSP plunge.
I have always looked at humans as every other animal on this Earth. I am still trying to locate where this notion of monogamy and total dedication to one individual plays into the carnal lives of the inhabitants of this planet. We all know that no matter our age there will be someone better looking, more intriguing (whether that be mental or physical), tempting and possibly a better catch than the one you have. Maybe this is my Gemini sense that jus can't fathom a relationship or the SSP hasn't reached my door step. Why it is that one must remain bound to one individual all of their life? Even though divorce is a viable cure to SSP, why is it, if SSP is so great, that once SSP develops into BCS (Ball & Chain Syndrome) a legal agreement is needed to prevent the other party from violating the terms of the monogamous agreement? I find it quite selfish and almost appalling.

SSP is a disease of the mind. One should be free to love, lust, and like how ever many people and not have to fear being infected by SSP. It is only because of the views impressed upon young minds that create this problem. We are nurtured to think we need one person in our lives that we eventually commit to for eternity. To have offspring, SSP is not needed; just a functioning reproductive system. Some financial stability is offered in SSP, but if people just accept responsibility the care for the offspring should be easy. Stick to a simple rule, creation requires some responsibility. In other words 'you lay down, you pay out'. EASY.

Once SSP becomes imbedded in their lives, these SSPers then begin to find ways for their friends to be apart of this craziness. Why SSPers don't understand that there is more to life than just this phenomenon? There is this presumptuous air about them that look down upon those that do not care or ever want to ever be infected with this illness.

That is where the categories come in and derogatory comments to those that choose to live life independently. You have heard these words: home wreckers, whores, hoes, coquettes, etc. Why must we, who enjoy "playing the field", conform to your standards? Is it our fault that your husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends are intrigued by our desire to remain free and no attachments? Is it our fault that we know how to handle, please and tempt those that are important in your life? Or maybe our actions remain at the root of where we began; humans are not a monogamous species. As with food, and we have the need to fulfill hunger, the independent group have an impulse to fulfill and will do it.

Then again, maybe it is just a fight between the haves and the have nots. Could it be that the SSPers that are deficient in being able to truly love. Maybe it is them who do not have the capacity to love more than one person therefore having to find one and remain totally into them for their life.

As I see it, we, the independent group, are not acting out on such primitive impulses. It could be just that those that are deficient (SSPers and BCSers) are trying to influence the world to believe that developing SSP is the way to go, so they don't feel so left out.

Think on it…

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