Thursday, December 25, 2008

RIP Billey Joe Johnson

Please watch the video below:

This Story makes me very IRATE! How is it that there is even QUESTION as to how this boy died? 17 years old! SEVEN-TEEN. This seems like it is a story out of the 40's. This is complete donkey crap!

Or in the words of Amy Winehouse "WHAT kinda FUCKERY is this?"

The police officer at the scene said that this was suicide... or now speculation - accidental death by the hand of this 17 year old.
He was a hunter.
He had a 12 gauge shot gun.
He uses buckshot in his gun.
He is right handed.
He was shot in the back of his head, behind the left ear.
There was a small entry wound in the back of his head.

Let's look at some video I found. 12 gauge shot gun (with buckshot) vs a cantaloupe...

12 Gauge Shotgun (buckshot) Vs Cantaloupe - video powered by Metacafe

How can THAT result in a "small entry wound in the back of his head" with a GUN.

Did these police in Mississippi REALLY think that this would pass as something that is valid?
And do they think the public is stupid? Why did the NAACP have to get involved? Any person with half a right mind would know that this story is complete BS. Below I am going to provide a picture I found on an internet search. It is graphic so I have created a graphic content item to spare those with weak stomachs please do not click the photo I have provided.

So all I want to know is HOW can a RIGHT HANDED kid...shoot himself on the left side and it be considered accidental shooting or suicide. Also to top that off the entry wound was small and the gun landed on top of him. This just makes me very unhappy. I needed to get this off my chest and more people need to know about this story. If you haven't heard about it, pass this along. Google Billey Joe Johnson Mississippi. Get the word out to make sure George County Mississippi and the police department don't get away with foolishness in 2008 going into 2009. A promising young man's life was cut short. Why? I don't know.

Innocent until proven guilty huh? In a case like this, it should be guilty until proven innocent. Because there is NO way in this WORLD this kid did it to himself.


  1. This article is ridiculous ... so sad things like this are still so happening so frequently =/

    but sorry i just got your comment! Miss you too! and thanks for following :)

  2. I live in Ocean Springs, MS, about 40 miles from Lucedale. Check out my blog --

    I'm trying to keep the pressure on the locals. Help me. Keep up the postings please.

  3. Found that blog post I wanted to send to you. Actually, I think you'll like Jennifer's blog.

  4. I live in Mississipi an i knew Billey. And yes this story is crap. Everybody loved Billey and we miss him so much. And anybody would tell you he would never commit suicide.